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  • Starkey 3 Series I20 ITE Hearing Aid

Starkey 3 Series I20 ITE Hearing Aid

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Starkey 3 Series I20 ITE Hearing Aid

Starkey 3 series i 20 ITE the 3 series i20 is an entry level hearing aid manufactured by Starkey incorporating their bluwave 3.0 processing chip. it has 4 channels, mild noise reduction, mild expansion and mild wind noise reduction. the 3 series i20 also has adaptive directionality to best highlight speech in background noise. This is supported by 'audioscape' which make directional changes accurate through careful analyses of the listening environment. In total, the 3 series i20 is able to detect 5 different listening environments and offers 2 steps of personalisation for each of these.
the ability to wirelessly communicate also enables synchronized user adjustments whereby volume adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid are automatically transferred to the opposite hearing aid.

Starkey 3 Series I20 ITE Hearing Aid Features

  • Furthermore, it allows for a feature called 'binaural telephone mode'. Binaural telephone mode is when the telephone ear hearing aid automatically changes to a dedicated phone program whilst the non-telephone ear hearing aid reduces in volume to help you concentrate better.
  • The 3 series i20 uses an older feedback algorithm to help reduce annoying whistling from your hearing aids. 
  • In addition, it has a feature called 'spectral iq'. This is a frequency lowering algorithm to helps high frequency sounds to be heard and processed effectively by the wearer if they have a severe/profound high frequency hearing loss. 
  • The spectral iq does this by converting high frequency sounds to a lower frequency range where the wearer's hearing loss is less severe. Importantly, spectral iq also retains the original high frequency content it has converted as this may still be beneficial to the wearer even if they are unable to fully process it.
  • The 3 series i20 is also compatible with Starkey wireless accessories such as surflink mobile 2, surflink media and surflink remote

Starkey 3 Series I20 ITE Hearing Aid Measurements

4 Channels And 4 Bands
Fitting Range 0-90 Db

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